How to create your personalised jigsaw puzzle – follow these simple steps!

Follow this handy guide to help you create your photo jigsaw puzzle

  1. Click the ‘Personalise’ button on the right-hand side of the page

  2. A box will pop up – simply click anywhere on the purple image that says ‘click to add photo’.

  3. You will then be able to select an image from your files on your computer – this will pop up automatically; once you have found your photo, click the open button on the bottom right hand side of your file.

  4. Your photo will then be loaded onto the screen! It may take a couple of seconds depending on your internet speed, but the loading wheel will keep you updated with your image upload progress. Once it gets to 100%, your image is ready.

  5. Once your image is loaded, you will be notified if the image quality is too poor. You will be shown a red, unhappy face if the quality of the image isn’t high enough to print, so you may want to upload a higher quality image. The minimum recommended photo size is 2MB. If you continue with a poor-quality image, your jigsaw puzzle will probably be blurred.

  6. If the screen is showing a green happy face, this means your photo is great quality and will be perfect for printing on a jigsaw puzzle!

  7. Want to adjust the position of your photo? You can zoom in and out, rotate your image and move it from side to side, or up and down, to make your picture perfect for puzzling. Use the three icons between the photo icon and the smiley face icon to do this.

  8. Once you are happy, click the tick icon to submit your photo, then click next. You will then be given the chance to do the same process, but for the lid of your jigsaw puzzle. Follow the same steps to add your photo onto the lid. Once you are happy, click the green ‘save’ button. Your puzzle will then be processed.

  9. Click ‘add to cart’ underneath the personalise button and place your order. You can review your photo puzzle in your cart to check you have uploaded the correct image too, just click the cart icon at the top of the page.

  10. Finally, sit back and wait for your fantastic photo jigsaw puzzle to arrive! These photo puzzles make the perfect gift too.

Please ensure your image is 2MB or higher to ensure a high quality jigsaw puzzle. If you are using an image that is not yours or you do not own, please ensure you have the right to use the image and that it is license free. We cannot print photos or artwork taken from the internet or elsewhere without consent from the owner.

If you need anymore help with creating your photo jigsaw puzzle, please get in touch at or call 01837 811 321.