In our workshop, situated in the glorious Devon countryside, our wonderful jigsaw puzzle craftsmen spend the day handcrafting the most beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzles, featuring a variety of designs that we have carefully chosen.

The jigsaw making process is completed fast enough to offer plenty of designs to our customers, but with enough time to put care and quality into every puzzle we make. We start by placing the printed design over the stunning wooden board, which are gently held together by a light sprinkling of glue, just enough to keep it in place. Using a soft cloth, we make sure the jigsaw is well protected for the next step, which is the heating process. This bonds the image and the wood together to create a stunning and high-quality finish. This takes a few minutes to ensure the image is adhered as close together with the wood as possible, and to leave a stunning, shiny finish. Our jigsaw puzzle craftsmen then takes the puzzle board to our trusty, state of the art jigsaw puzzle laser machine, which intricately draws and cuts the puzzle pieces and special moustache whimsy that makes our puzzles so wonderfully unique. We keep a close eye on the whole process, and when the machine has finished it's magic, we take the final steps.

The puzzle is now ready to be broken up in to pieces and placed in the beautiful cotton string bag, but not before a bit of extra TLC. Each puzzle is cleaned and shined before being placed in the bag. Once the puzzle pieces are sat in the bag and ready to go, we place it in the stunning black box, which has our special logo and the image of your chosen puzzle, so you have a clear guide to help you put the pieces together. We put a lot of care and joy into making every one of our unique puzzles and we hope our wonderful customers get a lot of joy back from piecing them together… and finding that special moustache shaped “whimsy” piece, of course!